Therapy Session


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI

Program Sponsors
Pat Waldrop, PMHNP, QSAPI

Judson Smith, M.D. 

Medical Director   
Judson Smith, M.D.

Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) 
Stephen W. Kiser, QSAPI

Business Manager
Pam John

Chief of Security
Danny Patton

Security Officer 
Frank Cole

Jerry Cummings

Director of Nurses (DON)
Rene Earp, LPN

Clinical Director
Stephen W. Kiser, MS, MLAP, QSAPI

Chief Pharmacist
Tina Herron, RPh

Hugh Stephenson, RPh

Information Systems Officer (ISO)
Stephen W. Kiser

Media Coordinator

Krystal Williams

Program Director
Stacy Patton, RN, QSAPII

Clinical Supervisor
Kimberly Wilson, LBSW, QSAPII

Maintenance Supervisor 
Mike Dunlap

Kimberly Wilson, LBSW, QSAPII
Heidi Holloway, QSAPII
Krystal Williams, QSAPII
Carrie McGee, QSAPII
Debbie Burns, QSAPII
Nancy Hosmer, RN, QSAPII
Abbey Hammack, QSAPII 
Sarah Cook, QSAPI
Nicholas Pate QSAPII
Morgann Stone QSAPII
Savanah Fell QSAPII

Kim Valentine, LPN

Sharron Edwards, LPN

Christine Dickson, RN
Justin Patton, RN 

Administrative Assistants
Jackie Upton
Lee Ann Banks
Paiton Hudson

Bailey Fincher


P (205) 221-1799

F (205) 221-6297 OR (205) 387-7068

2195 N Airport Rd, Jasper, AL 35504, USA

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